Enviro Filter

Developer & Fixer final treatment filter

Plate Developer Treatment

Enviro Filter

The Enviro-filter is designed to help your processor effluent meet and exceed environmental discharge standards. After silver recovery and recycling procedures, the Enviro-filter acts as an effective final three-step treatment, accumulating metals and chemicals from spent fixer, developer and wash water.

  • • Enables you to meet environmental regulations and standards
  • • A unique, non-clogging discharge fitting eliminates blocking that is common to other systems
  • • Only one hose leads to drain, making a homogenous solution easily accessible for testing purposes
  • • Expanded chemical treatment decreases BOD5 and COD
  • • Active media reduces organic compounds
  • • Easy to install and use. It’s screw off inspection cap makes for easy maintenance
  • • Easy and convenient sampling of effluent
  • • Available in standard and low level
  • • Small footprint: 11” x 11”. 28 cm x 28 cm

By using the Enviro-filter, all of your processor effluent is neutralised to acceptable pH levels. Its three step process cleans more efficiently than other one step bucket systems.

Step 1
Neutralisation and precipitation
Developer, fixer and wash water enter the Enviro-filter and flow into separate customised compartments, where natural precipitation of metals and chemicals occur.

Step 2
Filtration through an active ingredient
The Enviro-filter captures organic compounds as they are filtered through an active ingredient.

Step 3
The co-mingling process prepares your drain effluent for homogenous discharge. For best results, the Metafix 1000 series closed loop silver recovery system is always recommended as a primary de-silvering method, followed by the use of the MiX (Metal Ion eXchanger) columns before any treatment by the Enviro-filter.